About us

MaxMen is a leading international fashion modeling agency operating from Amsterdam. Our worldwide connections consist of the most prominent modeling agencies, ensuring an extensive network in the fashion industry both nationally and internationally. The professional, passionate and dedicated team and most of all our personal approach towards both models as clients, makes us unique and distinctive in the industry. We are committed to everybody we work with and for and we pride ourselves on the way we always stay on top of and respond to the latest developments around us.

Each model is unique and we try to take care of their personal career, development and well-being in a positive way. Our dedicated teams combine knowledge, enthusiasm and a personal view of our models’ careers, trying to create an environment where we keep our models safe and healthy. That is why the MaxMen team pays a lot of attention to personal guidance and advice. You can also contact us for advice in the field of a healthy lifestyle, skin care, presentation, catwalk training, social media workshops and financial support.

We are not only working for you, we’re working with you, to give you and your career all the attention it needs.